My Traffic Planning For 10,000 Hits A Day

Traffic planning is a bit of a complicated business when you don’t really understand how to do it. In my experience it really helps when you write a clear plan and monitor results. This will allow you to check if your plan is actully working.

You should write a plan for EACH site or ad that you are working on. Feel free to use this page as a template for your own 10K a day traffic plan.

What Promotion Are You Working On?

In this plan I will be working on promoting my main rotator for my Facebook group (which helps my members to get referrals on free sites).

The page I will be promoting is:

What Results Are You Wanting To Achieve?

The plan is to reach 10,000 hits per day long term AND add at least 100 new members to the group each day.

Starting Point

I am lucky enough to already have multiple traffic sites working and upgraded, however you can still follow this plan if you are starting from day 1. Even if you have no cash to pay for upgrades, you can earn these as you progress.

Start off with the first 3 sites on this plan and you can surf your way to the upgrades on each site. For example when you surf 1000 pages on Actual Hits 4U it will give you $13 bonus which you can use to upgrade on there pretty fast!

Of course if you are happy to upgrade straight away you can do that too….

The first traffic sites I want to add this promotion to are:

Infinity Traffic Boost

Added to multiple ad spots and unlimited credits allocated


Added as a Pro Ad

Actual Hits 4U

Added and 500 Credits allocated (main site)

Added and 2000 Credits allocated (co-op)

I have upgraded on each of these 3 sites already so my traffic runs on complete autopilot with them with no surfing required.

Additional Sites

Other sites I have added this page to so far are:

Easy Hits 4U (free account)
Traffic Ad Bar (upgraded account)

Daily Hit Target Reached = 350 (2.45K in 7 days)

Now I want to work on reaching 500+ hits per day so I am adding my page to another few traffic sites. This time I am adding to Hungry For Hits and Ads Messenger. Both of these sites will provide automated traffic.

Hungry For Hits

Added with 10,000 credits allocated

Ads Messenger

1 Message Sent

Now we are starting to build a little momentum….. 493 hits per day reached and I need a tiny little push to hit my 500 target!

Golden Hits 4U

1000 Free Credits claimed and 100 used.

Fast n Furious Traffic

500 Hits Per Day Reached

So I just realised that looking at the average number of hits per day for the past 7 days is always going to give me a lower number than the actual hits received. I have now passed the 500 hits average, but yesterday I actually gained 788 hits to this page as you can see below:

My new target is to reach 1000 hits per day….. so I will aim to add my link to 5 new traffic sites today. Thats probably a touch of overkill, and 3 sites would probably do it, but I am happy to aim for 5.

Today I added:

Submit Ads 4 Free

Surf 4 Quality

Plenty of Hits 4U

Shruthi Hits

Beagle Hits

Monitoring Results

Obviously its not just about the hits….. I want to actually get results too. By monitoring the results I am getting I will be able to reach 10,000 hits a day of traffic that converts for me with this specific promo page.

I have got results so far from:

Infinity Traffic Boost: 27 opt ins

Easy Hits 4U: 3 opt ins

Actual Hits 4U: 3 opt ins

Leadsleap: 1 opt in

Traffic Ad Bar: 1 opt in

Direct Hits accounts for the other hits recorded.