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In case you don’t know already, solo ads are an email that you get to send out to someone elses email list. They can be very effective if you use them well. As with all ads it is also possible to get no results at all. If you get the offer of free solo ads then it is a good idea to give them a try.

Today I found a promo code that provides 20 free solo ads on a traffic site called Pro Downline System. I nabbed them and quickly sent out an email. If you want to do the same the link to join and promo code is:

Click Here To Join Pro Downline System

Promo Code is: ammartraffic

Please remember that you are likely to get a LOT of emails from this site. You may like to use an email address to register that you save for joining traffic sites.

Is Pro Downline System Worth Joining

As I have literally just joined I really do not know yet. It is providing a lot of free solo ads so in my opinion that is always worth trying out to see how effective the site is.

What I do is join a site and test what happens (you can see my results below).

I will always test a site first before deciding on paying for upgrades etc, so I will be able to tell you more when that test is done.

My Traffic Results

Solo Ad 1 – Sent 10th Sept 2023 12.12pm (UK Time)

I sent email with subject line: Is Your Traffic System Working?

This email got 20 hits in total and 0 subscribers:

I don’t know how many members there are on this site at the moment, but those figures are pretty bad. I am going to wait for a few days before I use another in the hope that there will be more members joining.

Of course it could be that few members are clicking ads for credits because of the high number of free ads on offer….

Solo Ad 2

Solo Ad 3

Solo Ad 4

Solo Ad 5

Solo Ad 6

Solo Ad 7

Solo Ad 8

Solo Ad 9

Solo Ad 10

Solo Ad 11

Solo Ad 12

Solo Ad 13

Solo Ad 14

Solo Ad 15

Solo Ad 16

Solo Ad 17

Solo Ad 18

Solo Ad 19

Solo Ad 20





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