Building A Daily Traffic Routine That Gets Results

One of the main problems that a lot of people have when working online is knowing how to create a daily traffic routine that gets results.

In my opinion every traffic routine should have 2 parts:

  • Passive or Fully Automated Traffic
  • Manual Traffic (From Email Lists, Safelists and Mailers)

You should also have a clear idea about what you call a result. For example, is it a new referral or a sale? Is it a new email subscriber or follower for your blog. Is it a new member in your Facebook Group? Is it more people opening and reading your emails?

Remember that getting referrals and sales is usually achieved as a direct result of getting new email subscribers and followers who actually open and read your emails or blog/social media posts. When you work on those figures on a daily basis the referrals and the sales will take care of themselves.

Make sure that you are monitoring what is happening with your email subscriber numbers. Of course there will be a bit of variation each day, but look at the overall trend……

I will explain more about how to do this in another blog post!

Passive Traffic Sources

A passive traffic source is anything that you can set up once and get a constant flow of visitors. A good example of this is a paid membership with a traffic exchange.

You might pay something like $6 a month for 1000 ad credits for example. This will send a constant supply of visitors to your ad until you stop it or don’t pay for the credits.

Another great option for passive traffic is the lifetime banner or text ad. You can often get those on traffic sites too.

The main passive traffic sources I personally use are:

Infinity Traffic Boost


Hungry for Hits

Each of these 3 accounts can be used for free and will pay you a small amount for surfing. That means you can easily earn your way to a fully passive traffic level on each of them.

I recommend that you aim to have these 3 accounts upgraded as soon as you can.

Manual Traffic Sources

In my opinion you should work on a routine where you can send an email on a daily basis.

The main option for this is of course your own email list.

You should ALWAYS be working in a way that increases the number of active people you have on your own email list. If you do this correctly you might start off with 5 or 10 people on your list but maybe only 1 person per day reading your email. Over time you will get more subscribers and more people who regularly open your emails.

If the number of people opening your emails is going down you need to have a serious look at what you are sending out. Aim for VALUE to your subscribers and NOT just sending out a load of buy this or join that type emails.

Remember that you are working on building up a good relationship with your email subscribers. You will see that happening when your email read numbers are constantly increasing.

In addition to your own email list you can use mailer or safelist traffic sites. Your aim with these is to get more people joining your email list and reading your daily emails. You should NOT be using the mailers to try and get referrals and sales as this is a very poor use of your email credits. People need to be on your email list to build a relationship with them where they are MUCH MORE LIKELY to join a program or purchase a product.

The main mailer sites that I use on a daily basis are:

Infinity Mailer Boost

Viral Url

100 Percent Clicks

Ads Messenger


Scaling Up Your Traffic Levels

When you have a clear daily traffic routine it is very very simple to scale up. You simply add a new passive source or a new mailer source to your daily routine. When you are spending more time sending ads on mailers than you want to, then swap a mailer over for a passive traffic source instead.

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