Introducing The Traffic Tester Club!

I do love testing traffic sites but I am getting too busy to do it as much as I would like now…… and I learned a HUGE amount about working online when I spent time on this.

So I have decided to create The Traffic Tester Club!!!

How Does It Work?

It is very simple really. I add a post about a traffic site. Usually one with free ad credits etc.

Each person in The Traffic Tester Club agrees to add 3 different lead capture pages to the site and use the free credits for promoting them. One page is for free earning options, one is for a paid site offer and the 3rd is for a traffic plan.

I will provide the pages for testing, but you gain the subscribers into your email lists.

Each tester adds a comment to my blog post to provide info on the number of hits received, and subscribers gained with each of the 3 pages.

Using this method we can work together to identify the best traffic sites for each kind of opportunity.

After there have been 10 testers, 50 testers and 100 testers I will update the post with a summary of results gained. I can then also create a list of the best sites for free opportunity promoting, paid opportunity promoting and traffic related promoting to make it easier for everyone!

Are you interested in joining The Traffic Testers Club?

Just register for my emails about this here:

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