100 Automated Ad Campaigns Planning – Campaign 1

Its really funny how a simple idea can literally spark a whole chain of events. Had I not decided to start working on The Traffic Tester Club, and used Actual Hits 4U as the first site I would not have come up with this plan at all. Fact is, I can only do it really because of the 100 links feature that is available on traffic exchanges.

This could turn out to be one of the best plans I have ever come up with…. 100 completely automated ad campaigns running on hundreds of traffic exchanges.

It is going to take a bit of work to get things set up, but when they are I can sit back and watch the income rolling in. Who wouldn’t like that for a plan?

Getting Started

As always, I will be using my Leadsleap account to set up the automated campaigns. If you haven’t joined this site already then the link to register is: https://leadsleap.com/?r=ellieo

I recommend you read my guidance on using Leadsleap to import capture pages and set up email lists etc before you read my campaign plan if you are not familiar with those things yet.

You will find a whole section about using Leadsleap on my Affiliate Blogging site

Campaign 1

The first campaign I am setting up is for Ads By UAP. I want to have an automated campaign running to help me get a steady flow of new referrals for this site, so my income levels keep increasing.

Although I could set up a campaign that promotes the free site directly, I know this will get me a lot of inactive referrals. So I will be using a Lead Capture Page and blog posts as always.

The lead capture page I have created for this campaign is this one:

Share Code is: page-aYVfbZWwwm

I think this will work well, as people tend to spend a lot of time on traffic exchanges. I will of course be monitoring results to see how well it works.

To get started with the traffic generation side of things I will be adding this lead capture page onto Actual Hits 4U. I have upgraded this account to Lifetime membership, so I already have 100 links that I can add there. In addition to that I can add banners and text ads too. I will be using those to promote other traffic sites I think.

I plan to promote this page on the main site as well as the traffic co-op. I added it with 100 ad credits allocated first of all. I will be doing the same for each site I add. After I get to 100 links added I can then use the quick assign feature to keep them running.

On the Co-op I have added just 50 credits as I don’t have so many of these available at the moment:

Next Steps

Now I have created this ad campaign, I just need to add it to each of the traffic exchanges I add to my portfolio of upgraded sites.

Below I will list the sites I add this campaign too so I can monitor progress with getting it onto at least 100 traffic exchanges.

Added To:
  1. Hungry For Hits
  2. Infinity Traffic Boost
  3. Harvest Traffic Co-op


As always I will be monitoring my results for this lead capture page…..

I have added 25 new subscribers to my email list already with this campaign:

I have to admit I am pretty excited about this plan. Lots of work involved to get it up and running, but then I can relax and watch what happens to my income levels.

I hope you find it quite exciting too!

Ellie xx





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