Traffic Scams Are Common Place!

I really hate writing anything that paints the work online industry in a bad light….. but sadly scams are part and parcel of it. It seems like there are so many scams at times that it is amazing anyone actually manages to avoid them at all.

Traffic is big business online, and so it has its share of scams too. The main issue with these is it is practically impossible to tell which are not real unless you test them for yourself. Many people have no idea how to test them either….. so it is easy to get caught out.

Especially now that a lot of work can be done using AI, the once impossible is now becoming possible. For example, there are real versions of this traffic list submitter available.

I had a good idea this was a scam when I first read the details, but like so many scams it was also quite well designed. I decided to test it myself to check it.

The ad is one I hadn’t seen before, and here is the headline screenshot:

The main thing that worried me about this offer is the price is a monthly subscription. It is only $4.95 a month, but that is a very easy amount to be taken from your bank account without you paying too much attention. For the scammer this can obviously mount up to a decent income with just 100 or 1000 monthly subscriptions running. I am sure there will be many people who set this up and are unable to get it cancelled….

Proof Of The Scam Traffic

To test this traffic offer I created a specific lead capture page so I wouldn’t get any false readings or need to dechiper results. They were very clear indeed:

As you can see there were a lot of hits recorded to this page. I only added the link a few days ago, but straight away I was able to identify this as bot traffic. On day 1 there were 836 hits recorded, but thanks to the Leadsleap tracker I know that only 3 of these hits lasted long enough to be considered as real hits.

To be honest I am a little surprised that there are any real hits being recorded at all. The fact there were just under 3000 hits on day 3 and just 1 real shows this is definitely just set up to fire bots at the ads.

Thank you Leadsleap tracker…… you have saved me yet again from spending money on rubbish traffic that will never get any results.

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For anyone who is looking for a real safelist submitter I am happy to recommend Traffic Zipper

Ellie xx







3 responses to “Traffic Scams Are Common Place!”

  1. daniel wait avatar
    daniel wait

    Hi Ellie

    this scam, mentioned on this email is likely offered through warrior +.
    Way too often, you can not rely on those as Warrior + do not filter and
    checkout the offers through .

    Many of these offers are not worth while or disappear after few weeks without
    any responses from Affiliates .

    Warrior + are not responsable for any offers going through their website.

    If you have any issues with the Affiliates you have plain and simple lost your
    money as a lot of them do not answer any support questions.

    If you need any feedback on any of these offers of traffic, just send me a note
    as I have several dealings with these kind of offers over the years.

    Daniel W.

    1. ellietraffic avatar

      Thank you Daniel, Warrior+ will actually issue you with a refund for offers if you can provide the proof there is no traffic etc – I claimed a refund not that long ago for something on there. This particular offer is not via Warrior+ and someone has obviously just set it up for traffic site promoting. Its actually been live since 2022 and I just came across it…… (or they have changed the page recently).

      If you have details of various traffic offers on W+ that don’t work I would be very happy to share that info with others. I will pop you an email for the details!

      Ellie xx

  2. Raju Mahtani avatar
    Raju Mahtani

    Thank you for letting us know.

    Will join Traffic Zipper

    Warm Regards.

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