Claim Your Free Upgrades on Hungry For Hits

Hungry for Hits is an incredible traffic site….. BUT it takes a bit of time to figure out how to get results from using it. I have been using it now on and off for a few years and finally I am getting to grips with how to use it effectively.

One of the best things about this site in my opinion is the fact that you can claim free upgrades. Upgrades mean more traffic, more commission and faster surfing. You also get more and more rewards as you move up the levels.

Claiming free upgrades is very easy. You just need to surf and play the games when you see them. There are LOADS of games and you will get free bonus cash for playing. Some bonus cash will be added to your Piggy Bank and some to your Commission account.

Here is a screenshot of my commisions from today:

Here is a screenshot of my Piggy Bank balance:

What Upgrades Are Available?

There are many upgrades available on Hungry for Hits. The lowest cost option is just $0.30 and that is for the Silver 1 day upgrade. There is a 1 day Gold upgrade for $0.60 as well. These options are very good first level upgrades as you can easily earn them within 1 or 2 days of surfing. It is however much more cost effective to do the monthly upgrades instead.

The monthly upgrades cost $6 for silver and $12 for gold. These upgrades give you monthly ad credits and higher level commissions as well as more ads and other benefits. You can compare the member levels below:

As part of my Earn 100K in 2024 plan I will be using the Gold upgrade option so I have 100 ad slots available. I am currently saving my earnings to pay for a yearly gold upgrade for this plan. As you can see below this costs $125 and that saves some money when compared with the monthly price as well.

My Plan & Progress For Gold Yearly Upgrade

9th November 2023: $55.69






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