Your First Traffic Target is 50 Hits Per Day

After importing the Traffic Tornado Capture Page into Leadsleap AND making sure you have an email list connected, you can start working on getting 50 hits a day.

There are 2 ways to achieve this:

  • The Free Method
  • The Paid Method

The free method involves having to surf ads or read emails to gain ad credits. The paid method usually does not involve having to do anything except paying and then adding the lead capture page. Sometimes you have to surf a small amount to keep the ad running etc.

You should start off with using ONE of the core sites, preferably Infinity Traffic Boost. This single site can be built to generate a truly massive amount of traffic.

Click Here To Join Infinity Traffic Boost If Not Already Joined

If using the free method you will need to surf around 200 ads to get 50 ad credits. However you will also get paid a daily surf bonus which will allow you to upgrade your account within approx 30 – 40 days.

If using the paid method you will need to spend about $3.50 to purchase the level 1 upgrade.

After 24 hours you should check the number of hits that have been generated. Take a record of the number of hits you got on your first day. Is it 50+?

You will find the number of hits on the Lead Capture Page statistics inside Leadsleap.

I added my lead capture page to Infinity Traffic Boost where I have an upgraded account and on day 1 my stats were:

So there were 73 hits, and 63 of these hits were unique. 60 of these hits were considered to be real which means the views lasted for at least 5 seconds. I got my first subscriber added to my list thanks to adding my Lead Capture Page on to Infinity Traffic Boost.

As I reached 50+ hits on day 1 I can now work on increasing the number of hits that I get EACH DAY for this capture page. If I hadn’t gained 50 hits on day 1 I would look at my options.

With a free account on Infinity Traffic Boost the option is to earn more ad credits before the page is shown again. You can turn off the ad until you have enough ad credits earned, then turn it back on again.

With a paid account on Infinity Traffic Boost the option is to add the same capture page link into 2 ad slots. This will increase the total number of hits each day.

Next Steps

My next target is to reach 100 hits per day. To do that I simply add the capture page onto another traffic site from the list of core sites.

If you are using free traffic accounts then it can get quite difficult to earn enough ad credits to scale up the number of daily hits. However there are ways to increase your traffic levels without having to surf for ad credits all the time.

One of the easiest ways to do this is by using free promo codes. I have already added a promo code post which you can use to help you get more hits to your lead capture page. The promo code already added will give you 20 Free Solo Ads – Pro Downline System.

I will be adding a lot more posts with free promo codes to help you get more and more traffic to your lead capture pages without having to surf for ad credits.






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