Assessing The Value of Traffic

One of the things that I truly love to do is assess the value of traffic. By this I mean I look in detail at the benefits of using a particular traffic site.

It is only a few days since I started The Traffic Tester Club and already I have seen many benefits for the first site that I decided to start testing. In fact I have seen so many benefits that I jumped in at the Lifetime Upgrade level….. despite my initial thoughts that it wasn’t worth using. So what changed my mind so quickly and suddenly?

Fact is there is a lot more to assess than just the level of traffic. Sometimes there are additional benefits that are not always immediately obvious.

Now I haven’t really got enough data back yet to do a proper assessment of the traffic itself on Actual Hits 4U. I need a lot more testers to help me do that – if you are willing to help with that you will find out what to do on this blog post: The Traffic Tester Club.

Regardless of the small amount of data I have so far, I do know that the traffic levels are a little slow. There are not that many active members on the site at the moment, and usually that would indicate a low value site. However, there are results coming through for myself and for some other testers too. This is very interesting in itself, and I will be comparing the results with other more active sites at a later date.

Rule #1 when testing traffic is not to jump to conclusions. Yet many people do this with traffic sites. There is a common misconception that a lot of hits = good value. Yet you can have a huge amount of traffic from a site without getting any results from it. Even I jumped to the conclusion that Actual Hits 4U was “not worth using” based purely on the speed of traffic delivery. This is why it is important to actually test the value properly.

I have already said that I haven’t got enough data to assess the traffic levels properly yet, so why did I decide to take the Lifetime Upgrade already?

Have you ever heard the saying “There is gold in them hills?” Well I quickly realised that there is gold in Actual Hits 4U when I took the time to consider it properly. This comes in 2 different options the site offers. The first one is with the traffic co-op. The second is with the income potential.

The Traffic Co-op

In case you don’t know already, a traffic co-op is when marketers work together to extend the reach of the advertising. Very basically it allows you to get your ad seen on traffic sites that you personally do not have to use, because other members are sharing the co-op link there.

Actual Hits 4U provides co-op traffic from many different sites. Below you can see the co-op views of just one of my ads that I posted on Actual Hits 4U, organised by source:

There are 6 pages of sites that are getting views for this ad which I only placed on Actual Hits 4U. The largest percentage of these hits are coming from some very big and very busy traffic exchanges.

So by upgrading to the lifetime level for $99.99 I have now got monthly credits for the ad co-op, and my ads will be shown on all of these different sites without me lifting a finger. It would cost me a lot more than $99.99 to upgrade on each traffic site on the co-op list if I wanted to secure automated traffic from them without going through Actual Hits 4U.

Remember this is a LIFETIME upgrade. I will never have to pay for this traffic again.

That was my first reason for making the purchase already, despite the slow traffic levels on the site directly, I know this co-op traffic is already saving me a lot of time and money.

Click Here To Join Actual Hits 4U

Income Potential

The second reason I jumped into the lifetime upgrade already is because I know for a fact that this site will make money for me. I will easily be able to earn back the one off cost of $99.99. This is mostly because of the $14 bonus that is provided completely for free to all active members.

Thanks to this high level bonus, which is not provided on any other site that I know about, I can earn $4.90 commission from each FREE member that I introduce to the site.

That means I just need 20 free referrals to make my money back. I already have 179 referrals….. and will be aiming for about 1000+ team members long term.

Thats almost $5000 income potential just from the bonus cash provided. I have already earned $39 in commission as well:

Of course, that is not the only income source that I get from my upgrade spend. I also get the commission I can earn from using the traffic to promote other offers.

Below is a screenshot of my earnings from just 1 new program that I am promoting on traffic sites. This is earnings from The Shiny Ball Syndrome which costs a one off $10 to start earning from it:

Although this commission is not directly earned from Actual Hits 4U, it has been earned from promoting on similar traffic sites. Now I can set up a constant ad to promote The Shiny Ball Syndrome on all of those traffic co-op sites previously mentioned.

With my lifetime upgrade on Actual Hits 4U I am actually able to add 100 different ads, which all run on complete autopilot for me. That is a LOT of potential income streams. In fact I also have banner and text ads on top of those 100 ads that I can use as well. You can see the full details of the ads that I get as a lifetime upgraded member in the chart below:

Another little income stream that I have now set up via Actual Hits 4U is by adding the co-op link from Leadsleap as one of my 100 ads.

Although this will only add a small amount to my Leadsleap balance each week, it is a very easy way to get some extra return on my ad spend. It provides fully automated income for me, and as I start adding the link to more and more traffic sites, that income will continually increase too.

Closing Thoughts About Actual Hits 4U Value

I am VERY happy with my lifetime upgrade on Actual Hits 4U already. I am glad I took the time to look into what it would provide for me. To be honest I know that this very much undervalued site has the ablity to pay for a lot of my other traffic site upgrades in the future.

This of course creates a snowball effect. Fully automated traffic that is provided by traffic exchanges is a little lower quality than mailers and safelists initially, but the snowball effect makes it a LOT more powerful in the long run. It is much easier to scale up than mailer traffic, simply because it can be set up once and allowed to run forever.

Thanks to my lifetime upgrade of $99.99 on Actual Hits 4U, I can now generate an ever increasing flow of targeted and completely automated traffic. Told you there was “gold in them hills” LOL.

Click Here To Join Actual Hits 4U (I highly recommend the Lifetime Upgrade)

Ellie xx



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    Just think what would happen if paid anyone just a $1 to share your blog post!

    1. ellietraffic avatar

      I don’t need to pay anyone to share my blog posts, they get shared for free by Google 😉

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