Actual Hits 4U 100 Campaign Progress Update

After starting to work on Actual Hits 4U as my first Traffic Tester Club site I started to see the huge potential this site actually has. Not only can it provide me with a lifetime of traffic to 300 different links, it can be used as a springboard to help me achieve my target of earning $100,000 in 2024 on complete autopilot as well.

The plan is a simple one really. I use the 100 ad slots on Actual Hits 4U to set up 100 different ad campaigns. Each campaign promotes a different income stream and has a target of $1000.

I also promote Actual Hits 4U to others to earn commission which can then be used to pay for other traffic exchange upgrades. As they provide a $14 bonus payment for surfing 1000 pages this is VERY easy to do.

I duplicate the 100 campaigns on mutiple traffic exchanges and let them run on autopilot for me. Hey presto, I then have a $100,000 earning system running on complete autopilot.

The hardest part of the plan is creating the 100 campaigns, but once they are done I can sit back and watch them work for me.

$1000 Target Progress

Actual Hits 4U is going to be one of my main income sites and so I give myself a $1000 target to reach here. I have upgraded to the Lifetime Level which cost $99.99 one time payment. This helps me to maximise my commission levels and provides the automated system for promoting 100 links.

My Earnings Today (23rd October 2023) are shown below:

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100 Ad Campaigns

  1. Promoting Ads by UAP5 Mins A Day Campaign
  2. Promoting Leadsleap – 1000 Referrals System Campaign
  3. Promoting Affiliate Advertising Club – Turn $10 into $100 Campaign
  4. Promoting Ad Rev Split & Crypto Team Build – Earn $98,304 Campaign
  5. Promoting The Shiny Ball Syndrome – First $100 Day Campaign
  6. Promoting Pick and Profit – Earn $500 Per Referral Campaign
  7. Promoting Traffic Exchanges – Surf & Earn $10K Campaign

100 Banner Campaigns

In addition to the 100 ad campaigns I plan to use the banner slots to promote the other traffic exchanges.

  1. Hungry For Hits – Added
468x60 Hungry For Hits traffic exchange banner






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